Crawler 4320 Dual Cab 1/10 RC Body

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Crawler 4320 Dual Cab 1/10 RC Body

By Ian Jim

The ALL NEW expedition cab for the Crawler 4320 Dual Cab is now available. It's time to go exploring!

Please note:
Expedition Cab sold separately.


UPDATE: There is now a "High Clearance Version" of the 4320 Dual Cab included, so if you find the body hitting the chassis, this will also allow for more space to clear the chassis and its components. 


The Crawler 4320 Dual Cab is a version of the “Ural 43206-0551” variant of the line of UraI 4320 trucks.

Designed in incredible detail, we have also included A TON OF ACCESSORIES and addons specific to this truck Cab, leading to a total of 70 pieces! The design was originally intended as a dual cab with 4 doors and a 4x4 drivetrain, it is made to fit on 1/10 scale RC crawlers with a wheelbase of 420mm and tyre height of 120mm for true scale proportions. It is also recommended to have a tyre to tyre outermost width of 230mm for proportions, however 240 or 250mm won’t look too far off. The standard 313mm or 12.3in wheelbase crawlers is the absolute minimum. A custom 6x6 build will look especially unique with this body!

Scale drawn diagrams of 420mm, 353mm, and 313mm wheelbases are uploaded to help you decide which wheelbase is suitable for your build. 

 *It is highly recommended to read the instruction manual before purchasing, to ensure you have all the required tools and hardware to assemble this body.*

Assembly instructions:

Can be found here

Designed to be printer friendly, the parts come in a variety of included options. 


  • Cab full (requires a printer that can print a minimum of 385x175x165mm. 
  • Cab split version (comes in 3 parts. The cab, roof, and flanks. Requires a printer that can print a minimum of 220x175x150mm.)
  • Cab side panels (comes in 2 varieties. The vented version can be fitted onto both sides of the cab. A special version for the right side is also included specifically for use with the air filter.)


  • Bonnet  bump (bump version has the engine clearance bump and is more accurate to real life)
  • Bonnet smooth (doesn’t have the bonnet bump)


  • LED version (has cable routing for 3mm LED light for fender indicator light)
  • Standard version (Does not have routing, does not have hole to fit 3mm LED light for indicator light. Still allows the cab light bucket to be fitted)


  • Blank number plate (hides the 2x bumper mount screws and gives a clean look)
  • Logo number plate (ahead RC’s logo on the front. Hides bumper mount screws)
  • Custom number plate 
  • Bumper mount (there are 6 different bumper mounts included)


  • Cab side handles (3 types of handles available to mount to the side of the cab)
  • Air filter (Can be fitted with the included “mushroom” air filter part) 
  • Horn (3 styles of horn to choose from)

Single cab version can be found here

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