Crawler 4320 DC Expedition Cab - 1/10 body attachment

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Crawler 4320 DC Expedition Cab - 1/10 body attachment

By Ian Jim

PLEASE make sure your 3D printer is able to print a minimum size of 240x205x190mm before purchasing.


The Expedition Cab is finally here! It’s time to go exploring!

Please note the dual cab shown in the pictures is sold separately 

UPDATE: There is now a "High Clearance Version" of the Expedition Cab included made specifically for the TRX4 and TRX6, which allows for more space for the shifting servo and rear diff lock servo. If you find the expedition cab hitting the chassis, this will also allow for more space to clear the chassis and its components.

Likewise if you are planning to use the 4320 DC Expedition Cab with the 4320 Single Cab on a TRX4 chassis, we've also included mounts to make that work. Please note that the mounts will only work for the TRX4's 324mm wheelbase. (i.e. TRX4 Sport or other 313mm wheelbases will not fit using these mounts)


It was purposely designed as an add-on attachment for the 1/10 scale "Crawler 4320 Dual Cab” in 4x4 configuration and with a 420mm wheelbase. (truck body is sold separately)

The "Crawler 4320 Dual Cab" truck body can be found here


In order to use the 4320 single cab body with this expedition cab, a minimal wheelbase of 324mm is recommended. 313mm will make the front wheel very close to the fender when turning. However it will physically fit. Scale diagrams for those are also shown in the pictures. Please note that you will still need to design and use your own mounts when building this configuration.


The cab comes in lots of detail including 5 slots for cab LED sidelights with lenses, which fits with 3mm LED lights. Also included are custom designed tail light buckets which house a total of six 5mm LEDs so you can configure the LEDs in any order you want..

Another feature included is the true functioning door latches for the side and rear double doors. The door latches simply lock and unlock the doors so you won’t have to devise your own door latching system. Hinges are not included though as they will need to be metal to take the beating on the trail.

External compartment lids are included, which means you can actually store things in them providing hinges and an internal storage area is fabricated or sourced.

Small details such as the 2 side vents, external power socket and mock hinges are also designed to make the cab look as realistic as possible.

Accessories for mounting onto the rear wall are also provided, and are modular. This means you will be able to switch the accessories around and mount them how you like.

Incorporated in the design are also 18 openings for windows. This will allow you to mount a total of 8 clear polycarbonate sheets on the inside to simulate the windows. A sunroof is also implemented in the design!

Last but not least, the roof rails are also fixed in place with M3 screws, meaning they will be strong, allowing you to tie things down onto it, such as our truly extensive range of overlanding accessories!


Ian Jim


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