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Printer Details Filament: PLA+ Grey (subject to contrast requirements). Layer Height: 0.15mm Infill: 100% Build Adhesion: Skirt No supports required. Filament length: ~5.6m Weight: ~17g Print bed area: 131.7 (W) x 185.5 (L) x 4.5 (H) mm Print time with these settings: ~ 2h 30m Assembly The rule of the Caliper is a friction fit within the main body. However, ensure that the edges of the rule and guides are free from obvious aberrations and if any are evident carefully remove with a blade or sanding paper. Towards the tip of the sliding blade is a small dimple which is there to prevent the blade from being pulled out too far once fitted. Ensure the parts are correctly orientated prior to assembly. To fit the slider blade hold it close to the tip when inserting into the guides and apply a little forward pressure until the dimple is visible on the other side. Continue to carefully push the rest of the slider blade forward always apply the pressure close to the main body to prevent excessive bending and damage to the blade. Sliding the rule the full length a few times within a body will smooth out any remaining high points and eliminate sticking.
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