simple IVAR drawers

By Dymensional

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simple IVAR drawers I needed a quick solution for storing small tools in my 3d lab, so I decided design a system compatible with the IVAR shelves. the 3D prints are made out of PETG put into the right position and then 460mm long steel smooth rods are clipped into them (by pressing down). There are 2 models of IVAR, for the thinner model you will need to cut the smooth rod to a length of 260mm (but 250mm for example should also work; there is adequate tolerance) I used 6mm steel smooth rod (the standard IKEA went with for this system) to form a foot the boxes sit/slide on. I made the boxes out of cardboard from the dumpster downstairs. In principle, aim to make the boxes as large as the footprint of the original shelf planks, and they will sit on the steel feet you just made! GPLv3. You are free to use this model for any purposes. Comments are appreciated if you do!
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