RC10 Goldpan Battery Retainer

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RC10 Goldpan Battery Retainer

This is a multi-part set that will allow a standard and shortie hard case LiPo battery to fit into a Goldpan later ALU chassis RC10 with zero modification. There is a base retainer, retainer clip, esc plate (optional, there if you have no room for an ESC), and rear bulkhead. The bulkhead is not needed if you plan to only use a shortie battery as the clip can be reversed to hold the shortie in place. Standard corner wire lipos and vertical wire lipos should fit but understand that batteries have a lot of manufacturers and variances and we can only validate on what we have. It is recommended that a 1mm thick self-adhesive foam pad be placed on the clip in the detent and on the void in the retainer. 

One one of our RC10's, the ESC Plate was under 1/16" (1mm) off from the bulkhead mounting point. This car happened to have a bent chassis so please be aware of this.

Please see the video here before purchasing. 

These have been tested and validated in SLS, MJF, FDM on a Mark Forge, and FDM on an Ender 3.

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