Motion Kinetic Art Sculpture

By sponybob1958

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Printed parts All parts were printed in 0.2mm PETG or PLA. Where special consideration was made for support or modified printing I have indicated below. All parts were printed in their current orientation. Base motion-art-base-platform.stl motion-art-base-bowl.stl motion-art-base-top.stl Tower motion-art-tower-top.stlmotion-art-tower-bottom.stl Ring 14 x motion-art-ring-arm-bearing.stl 28 x motion-art-ring-arm-blade.stl (Used PETG and increased perimeter to 4 to give flexibility and strength) 13 x motion-art-ring-segment.stl (print with support) motion-art-tower-ring-right.stl (print with support) motion-art-tower-ring-left.stl (print with support) Ring blade spheres 28 x motion-art-spheres-1.stl 28 x motion-art-spheres-2.stl 28 x motion-art-spheres-3.stl 28 x motion-art-spheres-4.stl 28 x motion-art-spheres-5.stl 28 x motion-art-spheres-6.stl 28 x motion-art-spheres-7.stl 28 x motion-art-spheres-8.stl Gearsmotion-art-gear-single-shaft.stl motion-art-gear-dual-shaft.stlmotion-art-gear-ring-right.stl motion-art-gear-ring-left.stl 2 x motion-art-gear-tower.stl motion-art-gear-base.stl motion-art-gear-motor.stl Non-Printed parts 19in Macramé ring You need some rigid ring to hold the structure. This worked really well. 608 Bearings – Need 14 for ring, 2 for the ring gears, and 3 for tower gear axis 12v Gear Reduced Motor 12v Motor Voltage Speed Controller 12v Power Supply DPDT Switch Metal wire for ring guides I found this brass welding wire, that was perfect. Good color, stiff and the right diameter. M3x8 screws (4 to mount motor, 2 for switch, 2 to hold gears) Electrical Wire, 2 conductor 20awg Glue
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