Little Pen Planet

By mnis

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Post-Printing Determining optimal settings for a clean printing process has the highest priority here. Recommendation: Normal Version: Wall thickness 0.8mm / Top & Bottom thickness 0.80mm / Infill 18 - 33% No Infill Version: Wall thickness 1.2mm / Top & Bottom thickness 1.20mm The original size offers enough space for almost any kind of ballpoint pen or similar. You can print smaller versions ... You can easily scale the object down to 75%. Then pencils, fineliner, tweezers or small screwdrivers still fit into it. And of course you can scale over 100% to maybe use more special utensils in the object :-) How I Designed This: Actually, I just wanted to learn how to design a spherical shape with Sketchup and I came up with the idea for a spherical pen holder. So I created my first artwork with usable properties. It is well known that the quality of art can be argued very well. But that is secondary, because I have learned something new and I like the result.
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