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Choose from Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Spiderman & Batman. We've even created a Darth Vader - just for those who want to remind their dad that - He is their Father...Make cool keychains or use them to decorate cards and presents.There are two versions of each character - one with a hole to create keychains and one without for decorations.The characters are 3mm in height (apart from Spiderman & Darth Vader who are 3.5mm high). For the two tone designs the colour change* occurs at 2mm (apart from Spiderman, where the colour change occurs at 3mm.*When doing a Z pause to change colours please be aware that accuracy in layer height can vary from machine to machine and so it's worth keeping an eye on your print to ensure the colour change is done at the right point.We created our prints using the following colours:Iron Man - Mercury Red & Bling Bling GoldCaptain America - Arctic White & Space Marine Wolverine - Mellow Yellow & Classic BlackSpiderman - Fire Truck Red & Classic BlackBatman - Classic BlackDarth Vader - Classic Black
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