Folding travel coat hanger

By francfalco

It's free to download


I've printed this version in standard PLA and its does seem stable, but I'll see longterm how the pivot joints hold up? ABS, Nylon or other more stable materials may be more appropriate?. The tolerance of the clip fit pivots are going to test the set up of your printer to the max! Over extrude and the parts won't 'clip' together. Under extrude and it'll all be too loose! Print 2 x parts: Folding_coat_hanger_E_v2.stl Folding_coat_hanger_M_v2.stl (supports needed) The updated files of v2 have a peg and hole joint design. These joints should be firmly, but carefully 'wiggled' together until the peg clips into the hole - support the walls of the parts as you go.
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