Filament guide for Ender 3

By Aaron Ellis

It's free to download


Supplies 1. 2x M5x16 bolts 2. 7x M5 washers 3. 1x M5 nut 4. 1x m5 T-nut (used extra that came with printer) 5 1x 625zz bearing Instructions 1. print at .28 layer height with pla 2. no supports for the arm 3. supports everywhere for the wheel (very easy to remove with o-ring pick) 4. press bearing into wheel it is (ok if it is flush only on one side we will make up for this later) 5. insert one M5 bolt but put one washer on the bolt before it goes through the arm then 2x more washers after the arm on the wheel side (I used tweezers for the washers inside the wheel mount) 6. put wheel on bolt with the side where the bearing is recessed facing the 2 M5 washers 7. put 1x M5 washer on the flush side of the bearing before pushing the bolt all the way through the wheel and arm 8. put 1x M5 washer onto bolt before putting on the M5 nut tighten until snug 9. put 1x M5 washer on the remaining M5 bolt then pass it through the remaining hole attach T-nut on other side loosely 10. slip T-nut into extrusion between spool holder and the 2 black bolts on the top of the printer tighten the bolt until T-nut bites and tighten firmly
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