Sidelight and Rear light pods

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Sidelight and Rear light pods

By AheadRC

These are original 1/10 scale functioning light pods. There are 11 different styles of light pods in 3 different sizes.

The 11 styles included are round, round conical, oval in 3 lengths, rectangular in 6 lengths with double and triple colour tones. Of the 11 light pod styles, there are small 3mm, large 3mm, and 5mm light pods, thus creating 33 variations of light pods to ensure the best fit for your rig!

The small and large 3mm light pods are designed to be resin printed in clear resin, they fit  3mm LEDs. While the 5mm light pods are designed to be also printed in clear resin, they fit the 5mm LEDs. While the LEDs do fit and stay in place with friction, it is recommended to secure the LEDs to the pods with hot glue or another non-permanent method/


These can be scaled up or down in your slicer to further fine tune for your fitting. Keep in mind the hole for the LED light will change as the print file is scaled larger or smaller.

More types of side and rear light pods, and front light pods are designed and will be released in the near future. Be sure to check back here from time to time.

To get these light pods to look as good as possible even when the LEDs are off, print them in clear resin, and hand paint them with translucent orange, red, or white model paint to imitate the lenses. Be sure to coat it off with thin layers of UV-proof clear spray.

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