Crawler Mk23 Flatbed - 1/18 TRX4M RC body attachment

By AheadRC

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Crawler Mk23 Flatbed - 1/18 TRX4M RC body attachment

By AheadRC

The 1/18 Mk23 flatbed is designed specifically for the 1/18 MK23 front cab (sold separately).

The Mk23 flatbed works best with a width of 115mm from outermost tyre to tyre, with a tyre height of 62mm. Both TRX4M and TRX4M High Trail wheelbases are ideal (162mm and 155mm).

A screw mounting method was designed rather than the clipless body mounts due to it being a stronger and more secure mounting method. Usually this would mean longer and more hassle battery changes, however we have designed a smart and quick way to change the battery.

There are in fact 2 ways to access the battery.
The flatbed has a battery access hatch which is secured using friction lock pins. Battery changes are timed to take only about 30 secs.
The body mount also acts as a hinge where the body is tilted forward for battery access. This method takes longer and requires undoing and retightening 2 screws.

Designed features and details
Quick battery access hatch
2 different wheelbases included
One piece reinforced flatbed mount for improved stiffness and structural strength
Functional light buckets
Heavy duty style wheels

Be sure to check out the instruction manual and gather all required hardware for assembly.

*It is highly recommended to read the instruction manual before purchasing, to ensure you have all the required tools and hardware to assemble this body.*

Assembly instructions:
View the link below to download the assembly instructions

Should you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

FDM printing:
PLA+ filament
0.12mm-0.2mm layer heights
20-30% infill density
Supports are necessary


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