Crawler Bog 406 TRX6 Flatbed for Crew Cab - 1/10 RC body attachment

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Crawler Bog 406 TRX6 Flatbed for Crew Cab - 1/10 RC body attachment

By AheadRC

PLEASE make sure your 3D printer is able to print a minimum size of 158x215x62mm. before purchasing.

There’s no doubt, the 6x6 Bog 406 is awesome. It’s a serious rig for serious conditions. You can now build a flatbed AND a sideboard flatbed onto your Bog 406 to carry out heavy duties, and what better platform to do it on than a TRX6!

This bed is made for the Bog 406 Crew Cab body (SOLD SEPARATELY) and will fit directly onto the TRX6 platform with the standard wheelbase of 324mm wheelbase from front to middle axle, 454mm from front to rear axle. However even if you have modified your wheelbase, there’s a total of 20mm fore-aft bed mount adjustment to compensate for your wheelbase.
(Please note that all inner fenders will need to be removed)

The ideal outermost tyre to tyre width is 240 to 250mm (2 widths of fenders are included so you can run a more aggressive and stable stance, or a narrower but more maneuverable setup. Be sure to also use 120mm tyres and portal axles for the most realistic experience.

Installation is made to be very simple with the included manual and hardware list, making it beginner friendly. There are preferences included too, so you can swap from the sideboard flatbed to the included modern and sleek flatbed with the removal of just 4 screws.


As with all of our other designs, this one is also packed with features, details and options to suit your own style.
- 2 styles of beds included, you can switch from a sideboard flatbed to a sleek and modern flatbed with the removal of just 4 screws.
- 20mm total fore-aft bed adjustment integrated into mounts.
- Rear lights can be mounted in 2 different ways. Directly mounted to the bed, or extended down to the fender.
- The bumper comes in 2 styles, both have a heavy duty look with a mesh grille. One of them allows towing shackles to be mounted to.
- TRX6 rear bumper mount is included, so no need to make one yourself.
- Custom shock towers with multiple shock mounting positions, which integrate the bed mounts are designed stiff and strong to carry heavy loads.
- Standard and wide fenders allow for an aggressive and wide stance or a narrower and nimbler stance.

Please ensure your printer can print a volume of 158x215x62mm.

Assembly instructions:
View the link below to download the assembly instructions

*It is highly recommended to read the instruction manual before purchasing, to ensure you have all the required tools and hardware to assemble this body.*

Should you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

AheadRC @ aheadrc

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