Supercharger Kit

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Supercharger Kit

By AheadRC

The Supercharger Kit comes in 6 versions. A logo and non logo version, mixed version, 1 piece and a 2 piece version.

The Supercharger is meant to be bolted onto an engine to increase its power. We have designed a highly detailed supercharger inspired by the shiny chrome superchargers often seen on modified classic muscle cars. But why wouldn’t it work on a crawler?

For those who don’t like the high profile of the supercharger sticking out of their bonnet, a scoop only version exists. It can also be easier to print the scoop separate from the body. However a 1 piece version also can be printed so there is less post process glueing to be done. The full logo version adds the logo to the supercharger body and the initials to the scoop. The non logo version has no logos anywhere. And the mixed version is a 1 piece print that has the logo only on the supercharger body with no initials on the scoop.

As the “1/10” scale is more of a loose standard, feel free to scale up or down in your slicer to fit your own rig, if necessary. 

Same with all of our other print files, it is highly recommended to print only with a resin printer to achieve the maximum amount of details, and do remember to wear PPE.

Post processing is the same with our other products. Use a spray primer depending on your resin type, then either spray paint or hand paint with model paints to your own liking. Top it off with thin coats of UV-proof clear spray.

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