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Wheel Hubs

By AheadRC

The original 1/10 scale mock hubs come in 2 versions. Locking and non locking style hubs.

Both versions are a 1 piece print and both have the same dimensions. The overall length of it is 12.3mm and is designed to screw directly onto the wheel’s axle shafts. The inner diameter is big enough to clear the hexagonal portion of the M4 nut used to secure the wheel to the axle shaft. If however a flanged M4 nut is used, then the hub will sit on top of the flange rather than enclosing it. The outer diameter of the hub is 10mm and will clear most beadlock wheels’ lug nuts. This includes wheels that use the SLW style hubs.

The only thing to look out for is your axle shaft’s thread length after your wheels are installed. There needs to be at least a 2.5mm length of M4 thread exposed after the wheels and nuts are installed or the caps cannot be screwed on.

These hubs should not be rescaled unless your axle shaft’s thread is not M4. These hubs at their original size will fit perfectly onto M4 threads. Standard axle shafts are M4 threaded for 1/10 scale crawlers.

The wheel hubs can be printed with resin and filament printers. If using filament, then it is recommended to use a nozzle size less than 0.4mm, and layer heights of maximum 0.1mm. However, a 0.4mm nozzle with 0.1mm layers is do-able with decent details.

For resin printers, post processing is the same with our other products. Use a spray primer depending on your resin type, then either spray paint or hand paint with model paints to your own liking. Top it off with thin coats of UV-proof clear spray.

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