Crawler G90 6x6 Expedition Suite - 1/10 RC body

By AheadRC

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The G90 6x6 Expedition Suite comes packed with features and includes scale accessories to match the look.

1/10 scale functional traction boards with storage mounts
Radio antenna of 2 different lengths
Fuel can
Small accessories box
Power socket cap with rain shield
Modeled air vents
Functional cab side blinkers for 3mm LEDs (4x orange)
Functional rear lights for 5mm LEDs (2x red 2x orange, 2x white)
Functional door with included hinges
Standard width and extra wide fenders (220mm and 240mm widths)




Please ensure your printer can print a volume of 180x220x158mm.

*It is highly recommended to read the instruction manual before purchasing, to ensure you have all the required tools and hardware to assemble this body.*

Assembly instructions:

View the link below to download the assembly instructions

.DXF files for all windows can be found here:


Should you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

AheadRC @ aheadrc

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