Crawler G3308 Sideboard Flatbed - 1/10 RC body attachment

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Crawler G3308 Sideboard Flatbed - 1/10 RC body attachment

By Ian Jim

PLEASE make sure your 3D printer is able to print a minimum size of 172x118x50mm. before purchasing.

Designed specifically for the Crawler G3308 “Adventurer”, this functional flatbed gives a more utilitarian look to the truck. Truck cab can be found here.

The G3308 sideboard flatbed is an addon attachment designed specifically for the G3308 “Adventurer” truck cab (the truck cab is sold separately). It gives the truck a more agricultural look, and was initially designed to work with a 420mm wheelbase. However a shorter or longer wheelbase can also be used to match. (see the included images for different wheelbases). If you do plan to use this bed on a shorter wheelbase, please note that the fender and “Rock Shield” mounts will not fit. However, standard non “Rock Shield” mounts are included and designed for use with the Axial SCX10 iii platform. 120mm and 125mm tyres can also be used with the included fenders, but expect some rubbing at full articulation.

The bed can also be very easily configurable between flatbed and sideboard with 1.5mm and 2.5mm hex drivers. The sideboards are essentially hinged to the bed with M3 screws and locked in place with M2 screws. This means you can either flap the sideboards down, or remove them all together!

The rear bumper is essentially identical to the one on the “C23 Flatbed”, so LEDs can be used to illuminate the taillights. All you need are 2x Red 5mm LED, 2x Orange 5mm LED, 2x White 5mm LED.


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