Crawler Cat 1 “Mammoth” 1/10 RC body

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Crawler Cat 1 “Mammoth” 1/10 RC body

By Ian Jim

Built for heavy offroad utility, the Cat 1 “Mammoth” is a truly versatile truck that can be custom built for so many different purposes in both military and civilian uses. (Please note that this does NOT include the expedition cab. The expedition cab is sold separately). Cat 1 Expedition cab can be found here

We have built it as a camper called the “Nomad”, based on a stretched SCX10 iii chassis.
Check out the expedition cab for the Cat 1 “Mammoth” here

The Mammoth is intended to be used with 120-125mm tyres (for 1/10 scale), which can be configured in 4x4 and 6x6. In 4x4 configuration it is recommended to use a wheelbase of 420mm as this would provide the most scale looking proportions. In 6x6 configuration, the TRX6’s wheelbase would also look spot on. The outermost tyre to tyre width recommended is 240mm, although wide track fenders are also included if you’re looking for an extra aggressive stance or for more overall stability, which a width of 265mm will be ideal.

Scale diagrams are shown for mock-up wheelbase setups.

A detailed dashboard and 2 different styles of steering wheels are included for the interior.

A front body mount is included with the standard 43mm width posts designed to 34mm in length. If the posts are too long, then it is possible to cut them shorter to better fit your specific build.



There are a lot true scale features and functions on this truck cab:

The functional side tyre carrier can hold a tyre with a maximum diameter of 127mm and width of 45mm.

Foldable door mirrors are included so you can still have the scale realistic look without the worry of breaking them.

The roof latch can be opened and closed, as well as being locked. This gives more options for battery mounting and easier access to the battery for changing.

The doors can be opened and shut with the use of hinges (not included).

There are 2 versions of the front cover, to give your truck a different look to your liking.

The lower bumper has 2 towing eyes for shackles and towing. An integrated fairlead is also designed into the bumper for winching.

Wide track and standard width fenders are included which provides the option to run a wider stance.

All 6x headlights and front cover side light buckets and lenses are included. All you need are 6x 5mm LED warm white lights and 2x 3mm orange LED lights.


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