Crawler C23 Flatbed - 1/10 RC body attachment

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Crawler C23 Flatbed - 1/10 RC body attachment

By Ian Jim

Designed specifically as an add-on attachment (i.e. The truck body is sold separately) for the C23 “Workhorse” in 4x4 and 420mm wheelbase configuration (will not work with shorter wheelbase builds), the flatbed enhances the looks of the C23 as well as gives it a true utilitarian use, making it a true Workhorse!

Check out the build here

Also check out the C23 “Workhorse” truck body here

The flatbed comes in many options and details, including some bonuses. Despite it being only a 12 piece print, there are a total of more than 40 files for you to choose from to best fit your style and needs, i.e. not all files are necessary!

Starting off with the light buckets on the headache rack and on the bumper, 5mm LEDs can be mounted for scale realism.

A battery box is also included which is designed to be directly mounted onto the flatbed’s floor. The battery box is also disguised in a toolbox shape to blend in as a scale accessory, but it also functions well. The lid of the box can be opened in 2 ways to store or swap your battery, hinge and slide. This ensures the easiest battery swapping operations on the trail.

Beefy mounts for the flatbed are also included which have some degree of fore-aft adjustability. However the height is fixed. Therefore you may need to design the mounts yourself. Let us know if you need help designing them.

The bumper mount is also designed for an Axial SCX10 iii. However if your stock bumper mount just happens to be at the right length then there is no need for any customisation. Again, let us know if you need help designing it.


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