China 2dr JK hard body detail parts set

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China 2dr JK hard body detail parts set

These parts set help add detail to the 1/10 scale Jeep 2dr hard body, also know as the China 2dr JK. The set includes the following parts:

CJ10001 Smittybilt Fender Set China 2dr
CJ10002 Smittybilt Tube doors China 2dr
CJ10003 Brute Exo cage China 2dr
CJ10004 Snorkel China 2dr
CJ10005 Exo Cage Light Mount China 2dr
CJ10006 6 spot light set
CJ10007 Jack & Hood mount China 2dr
CJ10008 Exo Cage Roof Rack China 2dr
CJ10009 Front Runner Rack Rear 6.5 x 5.5 China 2dr
CJ10010 RotopaX mount China 2dr
CJ10011 2G RotopaX China 2dr
CJ10012 ANGRY Eye Brow China 2dr


PLEASE NOTE this set does not include the bumpers shown.

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