Car Ejection Seat Handle

By frank26080115

It's free to download


The letters are printed in red and the handle in yellow, use 3M Scotch Weld to glue them together, trust me, do not use acrylic glue or super glue (even though technically Scotch Weld is super glue) The steel plate is waterjet cut from a 1/4" thick plate. Use stainless steel if possible, if you do not use stainless steel then it will need a few coats of primer and paint that prevents rust. The screws are #6 thread forming screws, I think... It's attached to my seat's adjustment bar using steel hose clamps (spray painted black to not be noticeable). A rubber tube is there to give it extra grip, thus preventing it from loosening and rotating. In the end it is extremely solid and can handle plenty of yankings.
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