calibration files UM2 with 2mm nozzle Cura2x vase mode

By Peetersm

It's free to download


NOTES: 1. You will be tweaking the temperature and print speed on the fly while the print is running to find the settings that work best. Use a sharpie to put a mark on the print and later write on the layers what setting you changed. (see photos) 2. Start by getting settings for the WALL of the vase, don't print a bottom layer at this stage to save time and plastic. 3. UM2 default temp for PLA 0.8mm nozzle is 240deg, if you print too slow you will get bubbles, if you have a small perimeter and thick layers you will need to lower that temp closer to 200. 4. Cooling time for thick layers is important, that was my limitiing factor for small vases. 5. You may need to scale the model in order to get a larger perimeter or else your speeds will be off due to the "min layer time" setting.
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