Fuel Cell Tank

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Fuel Cell Tank

By AheadRC

This original and highly detailed 1/10 scale fuel cell tank comes in 4 versions. Logo and non logo. As well as a 1 piece or 2 piece print for each of the versions.

The 1 piece version includes a logo and non logo version. The lid is fixed to the body and cannot be removed to store things.

The 2 piece version, which also includes the logo and non logo versions, have a removable lid which can then access to a full depth storage area, which can be used to store electronics (May require modification for electronic leads), lead weights, or whatever fits. The lid is intended to be secured with hot glue as a less permanent fixture, or super glue which is permanent.


As the “1/10” scale is more of a loose standard, feel free to scale up or down in your slicer to fit your own rig, if necessary. 

Same with all of our other print files, it is highly recommended to print only with a resin printer to achieve the maximum amount of details, and do remember to wear PPE.

Post processing is the same with our other products. Use a spray primer depending on your resin type, then either spray paint or hand paint with model paints to your own liking. Top it off with thin coats of UV-proof clear spray.

To get the logo’s background to a different colour, it is recommended to first spray a layer of your desired paint, then hand paint the rest. Remember to spray UV-proof clear coats at the end. Feel free to use the renderings as an inspiration for your colour schemes!

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