Axial SCX10 II 1955 Ford F100 interior

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Axial SCX10 II 1955 Ford F100 interior

This is the interior set for the Axial SCX10 II '55 Ford F100. This set requires moderate assembly skills, painting and custom LED lighting to be made. Please see the video below for the complete installation walkthrough and prep. For the as2008-02 Axial F100 Int All Trim part, it is likely that an FDM printer cannot print these details. This would need a resin printer.

Video installation and detail:

All printed parts included:
as2002-01 Axial F100 Int. Bucket Base
as2003-01 Axial F100 Int. Bucket Door
as2003-02 Axial F100 Int. Bucket Firewall
as2004-01 Axial F100 Int. Dash Main
as2005-03 Axial F100 Int. Steering Column
as2008-02 Axial F100 Int All Trim
as2009-01 Axial F100 Int. Interior Cage
as2010-01 Axial F100 Int. Mount

The following additional parts are needed to complete the build as shown in the video:1. 1x 1x2mm pre-wired LED - warm white
2. 1x 1x2mm pre-wired LED - yellow
3. 2x 5mm LED - warm white
4. 2x 3mm LED - Warm white
5. 3mm rod, less than 100mm is needed
6. 1x 3.3mm ball stud
7. 1x 3.3mm ball cup
8. 1.5mm thick rod, 60mm long
9. Micro servo
10. 4x 20mm M3 screw

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