Ampro Axial SCX10 II Ford F100 Super Charger Assembly

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Ampro Axial SCX10 II Ford F100 Super Charger Assembly

We have decided that the Axial SCX10 II Ford F100 needs more horsepower...or to be more top heavy...we dont know. Either way, this kit will allow you to add a super charger to your F100 with only the addition of a giant hole to your body. The main super charger is really the only part that can be FDM printed in our opinion. The remainder of the parts are best printed on a resin printer or ploy jet. There are very many small detail parts that go into this model and so we have created a build video on how to assemble these parts. This set directly fits the SCX10 II F100 but we are sure you can adapt it to other cars. Additional parts needed are as follows:

BOM List:
1. 3mm steel rod, 28mm & 34mm
2. Mabuchi 130 motor
3. 2 M3x8mm countersunk machine screws
4. 10x m3x6mm screw or m3x6mm set screw to hold down engine mount
5. Tube - 5mm ID, 6mm OD, cut to 20mm
6. Micro Servo - Case Dim 22.9 wide, 22.8 deep, 12 tall. See the image in the video. the depth offsets may vary. Spacers may be needed.
7. 1mm thick rod for servo to carb linkages

Build video:

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