Crawler 4320 TRX6 Body Mounts

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Crawler 4320 TRX6 Body Mounts

By AheadRC

Crawler 4320 specific cab mounts for use with the TRX6 chassis. If you’re doing a TRX6 build with any of our Crawler 4320 bodies, this will make it easier to mount it.

Both the Single Cab and the Dual Cab will fit on the TRX6 chassis, so both mounts are included. Along with the mounts is also a combined mount which will allow you to mount our 4320 6x6 expedition cab and 4320 single cab together onto the chassis. (without stretching the chassis, the Dual Cab cannot be used with the Expedition Cab)


To make it easier to mount, hole drilling align plates are provided so you can drill accurately into the body to mount the screws.

.STEP files are also included if you need to do any modifications for custom builds.


Should you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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