Crawler Bog 406 4x4 Flatbed - 1/10 RC body attachment

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Crawler Bog 406 4x4 Flatbed - 1/10 RC body attachment

By AheadRC

PLEASE make sure your 3D printer is able to print a minimum size of 210x125x70mm. before purchasing.

The Bog 406 Flatbed is here! The perfect pairing with the Bog 406 Cab.

Check out our Vanquish VS4-10 Portal Bog406 build here!

Extending from the iconic and classic design of the Bog 406 Cab (sold separately), this bed is designed to be used in tandem as a direct integration. It’s the perfect match.

Just like the Bog 406 the design principle is the same, to make the entire build process easy and pleasant while being a true trail worthy rig.

Intended wheelbase for the bed is the same as the cab’s 290mm (11.4in). The more standard 313mm (12.3in) and 324mm (12.8in) wheelbases can also be used. However fenders are not available for the 324mm version. By designing around these standard wheelbases, there’s no need to make custom links anymore! Same as the cab, 240mm and 250mm+ width (from outside tyre to tyre) is recommended, along with 120mm diameter tyres. Scale diagrams are shown for mock-up wheelbase setups to help you decide your wheelbase length.

A bed designed for 6x6 wheelbases will be available soon.

Easy and hassle free mounts are provided for the SCX10 ii, SCX10 iii, VS4-10 Pro, TRX4, TRX6 chassis. This means you will not need to design or fabricate your own mounts! These mounts integrate the bed seamlessly so you will not need to design your own separate mounts for the bed. Furthermore as there are 2 different styles of beds included, both are an easy bolt on and bolt off installation so you can switch beds in under 3 minutes.

Furthermore, these mounts have slot holes which allow for fore and aft adjustment to fine tune on body positioning and placement. The bed and cab’s height are set, this ensures to give your Bog406 a mean looking stance at ride height. Gone is that unrealistic monster truck-like high CG stance. Be sure to use portal axles for the most realistic look!

These “Rock Shield” body mounts also double up as rock sliders with their very beefy and slippery design. They will take the punishment on the trail.

The bed is also designed for use with modern transmissions (not the standard 3 gear type derived from the original SCX10). This was done to reap the benefits of a lower CG setup for a better trailing experience. However a 20mm bed raiser is included to allow for enough clearance to mount a standard 3 gear transmission.

To clarify, SCX10 ii transmission used in AX90046, SCX10 iii (non Base Camp), VS4-10 Pro, TRX4, TRX6 transmissions can be used without the bed raiser.

Shortened, stiffened and redesigned shock towers ensure that the bed does not need to be cut to allow for shock tower clearance. Shock tower extensions allow you to further fine tune the ride height.

This also means that 70-80mm shocks on the rears are ideal to prevent too much unnecessary rubbing under articulation. 80-90mm shocks for the front will fit fine, but expect some rubbing with the 90mm shocks at full articulation. With this setup it provides a more realistic handling characteristic to the 1:1 counterpart. It also gives a really good looking ride height. The included shock towers are for use with the following chassis: SCX10 ii, SCX10 iii, VS4-10 Pro, TRX4, TRX6.

Details included with the bed:

Slotted or grooved floors of the beds give a nice utilitarian look
Fenders are grooved and rounded
Sideboards have mock rivets
Rear lights are functional with a red, orange, and white 5mm LED in each pod

Some options included to suit your liking:

2 different bed styles; an agricultural and more traditional look vs. a more sleek and modern flatbed. 
2 different bed widths, for use with wide and narrow fenders on cab
Split bed versions for smaller printers
Cut beds to allow for tall shock towers
Uncut beds to allow for the included redesigned and shortened shock towers
4 fender styles; 2 for 290mm and 2 for 313mm to go with the different bed styles.

The printing and assembling process is easy and optimized, and is suitable for beginners. Please ensure your printer can print a volume of 210x125x70mm.


Assembly instructions:

View the link below to download the assembly instructions


A .zip file containing all the print files is also included for convenience.

*It is highly recommended to read the instruction manual before purchasing, to ensure you have all the required tools and hardware to assemble this body.*

Should you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

AheadRC @ aheadrc

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