Crawler 4320 Winch Bumper

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Crawler 4320 Winch Bumper

By AheadRC

3 new styles of bumpers designed specifically for the Crawler 4320. These bumpers allow a standard 1/10 RC winch to be mounted to increase the scale realism of your rig.

Bumper mounts are included, but they are specific to the TRX6 and TRX4 platforms. If you are using our Crawler 4320 Single Cab body, this will be a direct fit. 

Bumper mounts for other chassis rails can be designed. Let me know!

To mount the winch, you will have to do some DIY and drill your own holes into the bumper, because there are too many different styles of winch mounting plates available. 

There are 2 styles of “small” bumpers.

Sticking to the aesthetics of the stock bumper with tow hooks, this one is slightly extended for space to mount a winch.
The angled bumper allows for better side clearance and loses its tow hooks, but in turn has 2 tow openings with holes for M3x20mm grub screws as tow points.

The large bumper

The large bumper is essentially an extended version of the angled bumper. It also comes with 2 styles of bull bars, which can be mounted on to the bumper and have enough space to also mount a winch.

Bull bars

Split bull bar parts allow printing multiple pieces, and assembling them.
Combined bull bar, is a 1 piece print. The recommended version, without the need for supports (turn the bull bar upside down with the holes facing up)
Combined bull bar (alt ver) is the same bull bar but with the middle vertical bar deleted. This should allow more space for a fairlead if your winch is not offset mounted.

Hardware required:

M2x5mm socket head x6
M3x15mm socket head x2
M3x20mm grub screw x6
M3x10mm socket head x2
M4x20mm grub screw x2
M3x15 socket head x3 (for mounting small bumpers)
M3x30mm socket head x3 (for mounting big bumper)

.STEP file for the number plate is also included in case you want to design your own.

Should you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

AheadRC @ aheadrc

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