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By AheadRC

The Battery comes in 2 versions, which is the non logo.

The Battery is a 1 piece print with realistic details. As the piece is small it is highly recommended to print with a resin printer to achieve the maximum detail intended. However an FDM printer with very fine settings could also print the Battery, and even better when scaled up. 

Designed with details very true to life, the Battery has 2 vent elbows attached to it on either side, much like in real life. It also features a recessed carry handle, battery health indicator, positive and negative terminals as well as positive and negative markings.

As the “1/10” scale is more of a loose standard, feel free to scale up or down in your slicer to fit your own rig, if necessary. 

Same with all of our other print files, it is highly recommended to print only with a resin printer to achieve the maximum amount of details, and do remember to wear PPE.

Post processing is the same with our other products. Use a spray primer depending on your resin type, then either spray paint or hand paint with model paints to your own liking. Top it off with thin coats of UV-proof clear spray.

AheadRC @ aheadrc

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