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Fuel Tank

By AheadRC

The Fuel tank comes in 3 versions. The non logo version and 2 variants of the logo version.

The Fuel Tank is a 1 piece print inspired by long haul semi trucks’ fuel tanks. They are especially large in size to carry more fuel. This Fuel Tank takes on a more modern design with smoother corners and is generally more rounded than the semi truck rectangular fuel tanks. Unlike the fuel tank in the first “special vehicles” collection, this one is more civilised and less racy.

The logo version comes in 2 variants, one being a logo on the top and front, the other being just on the top. While the non logo version looks more plain and sleek.

All versions can be printed with a resin printer and FDM printer. To save more resin and even increase the success rate, it can be wise to hollow out the model with a hole. For FDM printers to achieve a smooth contour it may be a good idea to use filaments that can be sanded or be smoothed with acetone vapour such as ABS.

As the “1/10” scale is more of a loose standard, feel free to scale up or down in your slicer to fit your own rig, if necessary. 

Same with all of our other print files, it is highly recommended to print only with a resin printer to achieve the maximum amount of details, and do remember to wear PPE.

Post processing is the same with our other products. Use a spray primer depending on your resin type, then either spray paint or hand paint with model paints to your own liking. Top it off with thin coats of UV-proof clear spray.

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