1/10 Crawler FC body

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1/10 Crawler FC body

By Ian Jim

he Crawler FC Body took very heavy inspiration from the Mighty FC Concept, in a slightly modernized form.


UPDATE: Dashboard with steering wheel now added! A new cab designed with mounting holes is also provided.

To mount the dashboard to your existing printed cab, please do the following:
Print the provided drill guide plate, remove the original front grille, place the drill guide into the grille slot, and drill through the body using a 3mm drill bit, countersink the hole from the grille side. Countersinking can be done with a countersink bit (or a ~8-10mm drill bit by hand).

The following hardware are required:
- 2x M2*5mm socket head screws to mount the steering column to the dashboard.
- 2x M3*10mm countersunk screws to mount the dashboard mounting plate to the dashboard.
- 2x M3*15mm countersunk screws to mount the dashboard mounting plate to the body.
- 1x M3*10mm grub screw to mount the steering wheel to the steering column.



UPDATE: .DXF files for windows and windshield now available here

With high amounts of detail and shaping, the body is made to look as realistic as possible, and is designed for the standard 313mm or 12.3in wheelbase of 1/10 scale RC crawlers. However it can be printed without the bed for custom wheelbases and builds. Please keep in mind an FDM printer with a build volume of at the very least 185*185*145 is required.

Optimized for printing, the cab and bed comes in a variety of included options. 



  • Cab cut version (Roof is separated from cab for less supports while printing, saves more time and filament)
  • Cab full version (roof and cab are 1 piece, looks more clean when assembling, but uses dramatically more supports and requires much longer print times)
  • Cut version (has an opening on the rear wall to clear the transmission.)


  • Flat version (This is specifically designed to fit on a flat ladder chassis such as the RC4WD Beast ii. The bed’s floor is at ground level.)
  • Cut version (This is the flat version but with shock tower and transmission clearance holes cut in, takes away the hassle of having to cut the body yourself.)
  • Cut and raised version (The floor is now raised by 20mm and is designed for use with  a curved profile ladder chassis. This option will best fit typical 313mm crawlers such as the Axial SCX10, Vanquish VS4-10, Traxxas TRX-4 (further modifications will be necessary to mount the body to the chassis.)
  • Fenders (standard rear fenders for the flat version, and the cut version. “Cut and Raised” version uses a different version of the fenders with the matching name.
  • Split versions (Allows to print the front and rear half of the bed separately)

Front grille:

  • LED version (allows you to fit a 5mm LED into the headlight socket in the grille.
    Non LED version (no hole socket for LED)


Hardware required:

11x M3*10mm Countersunk

18x M2*10 Socket head

6x M2*5 Socket head

5x M3 Nylon Lock nuts



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