Crawler V304 6x6 for TRX6 - 1/10 RC body

By AheadRC

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Crawler V304 6x6 for TRX6 - 1/10 RC body

By AheadRC

PLEASE make sure your 3D printer is able to print a minimum size of 210x220x158mm before purchasing.

The V304 is a heavy duty 6x6 variant of the V303, made specifically for the TRX6 (G63 version). It’s essentially super stretched to allow for lots and lots of cargo while providing the performance of a 6x6 for the nastiest and gnarliest of terrains. 

Specifically designed for the TRX6 with a wheelbase of 324mm from front to middle axle, and 454mm from front to rear axle. It’s recommended to use 110-115mm diameter tyres, however 120mm tyres would also work if you need a more aggressive and burly off-roader.  

Body mounts for the TRX6 (G63 version) are also included to allow for easy mounting. Please do note however longer screws are needed to attach the mount. All screws and their dimensions are written in the free instruction manual linked down below. 

Please note: The stock rear inner fenders with their integrated shock towers can be kept and used. The front and side inner fenders however may need to be removed or modified for better clearance.

The cab and roof come in full length or split length to allow for easier printing. The split version has integrated tabs for screws to be mounted, which will allow the pieces to be mated together without glue.

As always features and details are the most important with our designs. 

- All 5 doors have in-built function hinges, so no need to source your own hinges.
- Roof hatch can also be opened with the included hinges.
- Windshield can be flipped up or down just like in real life.
- Front bumper towing recovery pin
- Rear bumper towing hook.
- High clearance version of the rear bumper is included (without the hook and with hook mount.)
- All light buckets are functional, use 5mm and 3mm LEDs.
- Interior door panels with handles.
- Sidesteps.
- Detailed exhaust system.
- Spare tyre carrier.
- Included fuel can and carrier.
- Detailed interior dashboard.
- Adjustable mirrors

The Cat 1 4x4 Expedition body shown in the pictures is used for size comparison, it is sold separately.

Please ensure your printer can print a volume of 210x220x158mm.

*It is highly recommended to read the instruction manual before purchasing, to ensure you have all the required tools and hardware to assemble this body.*

Assembly instructions:

View the link below to download the assembly instructions

.DXF files for all windows are can be found here:


Should you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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