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Enabling a MetaReverse
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What is a MetaReverse?

A MetaReverse is a liberating universe built on actual Re-connections between people in virtual and physical worlds, thanks to the power of 3D printing.

A Value-driven MetaReverse



Because an Ecosystem where Creators can be

financially independent supports a sustainable

community. YouMagine receives a small

percentage of this revenue to maintain a

sustainable platform.



Because originality built with a purpose

supports superiority in the quality of content -

YouMagine offers guaranteed 3D printable

files and more high-quality digital content in

line with this value.


Because everyone in the community, from

beginners to professionals, is able to find a

place to express their own identity on

YouMagine with a wide array of unique





"Man was born free, and he is everywhere in

chains. Those who think themselves the

masters of others are indeed greater slaves

than they."


—Jean-Jacques Rousseau

A team to serve a loving community Ecosystem

YouMagine was founded in 2013 by Erik de Bruijn, Ultimaker co-founder and the support of the Ultimaker manufacturer of 3D printers. In 2017, with the generous support of Ultimaker and Ultimaker co-founder Martijn Elserman, YouMagine was made into an independent entity, separate from the Ultimaker business. In 2023, MyMiniFactory took over YouMagine and began with the ambition to keep building on the legacy of Erik. The YouMagine Team is now dedicated to serving You_, a creative community of extraordinary creators of RC designs and the drivers, makers of beautiful machines. Over the coming years we will keep facilitating RC creators' dream, a dream to become You_

From the Tech Team and Product Team, to Designer Relations, Marketing, Graphics, and Customer Success, we are all here to empower, listen and nurture you and the Metareverse Ecosystem.

Want to open your own store? Write to Designer Relations at creator-relations@youmagine.com or apply here.

We are here to help RC creators, drivers, makers, videographers, marketers and engineers share their extraordinary creations with you, extraordinary passionate people, You the Community.

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A community ecosystem fostering

Collaboration not Competition -
Together we stand unified to grow the pie

Community Ecosystem

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Whether you are already a creative or just curious, there is space for people from all walks of life. YouMagine is bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds and reconnecting people.

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