ZipVisor FaceShield

By matsm

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- transparent A4/Letter sheet - Swedish Hole Punch, ( -> "Sweden") or other means for punching 6 mm holes* - 2 pcs zip tie, 4.8mm width and approx 350mm length - PLA or PETG filament suggested 1. Print 4 pcs of the brackets and 1 pcs of the lock 2. Punch 4 sets of holes at the top of the A4 sheet, each set with two 6mm holes 21mm apart.* 3. Insert both zip ties in one bracket. 4. On one zip tie add 2 more brackets and push in the zip tie tip in the short end hole on the lock. 5. On the other zip tie add one bracket. Note, the brackets identical and unidirectional. 6. click in the A4 sheet. 7. Insert the other zip tie into the lock, size and fit can be adjusted freely. Assembly video: The brackets should glide freely along the zip tie, and a light tug on the ends of the sheet might be needed after putting it on. * There is a universal bracket "BracketUni" for one hole that should work with 6mm diameter single hole punches. 4 holes at arbitrary positions needed.
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