Double Fan duct Anular cooling

By alnavasa

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over 4 years
Design hits the machine. not recommended.
over 9 years
<p>Hi,</p><p>It looks surprisingly similar to my original annular cooling published in Thingiverse (<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>), only symmetrical. I would appreciate a simple reference.</p><p>As Jelle pointed out, doubling up the fans will not solve the problem&nbsp;while the opening being so narrow. I was thing of dividing the flow into channels and spiralling them around to the opening, but it was&nbsp;even&nbsp;more&nbsp;obstruction for 4 channels. Maybe with two fans, you can divide each flow into two...</p><p>Cheers,</p><p>Murat.</p>
almost 10 years
I'm repeating myself a lot, but here goes another one: It is obvious why you are getting low airflow: you are treating a axial fan which is good for 'no pressure-high volume' setups like it is a radial fan or compressor. The slit you have left open is barely bigger than the clearance between the fan and the housing, that is way too low. If you restrict the airflow too much the fan will stall, causing a much lower output for no gain in pressure. You should not restrict the exhaust opening area to less than 75% of the inflow area, in this case the area swept by the fan blades. So in practice: increase the width of the slit and you and you will have more airflow. But then there is another hiccup: your opening is round, if you assume that air will flow out perpendicular to the opening, where will this air flow? If you aim two airflows at each other they will cancel out in the middle. The same goes for this design: it will still have a still spot in the middle, not what you intended? If you aim three or four flows just touching the nozzle at their right (or all left, whatever you like) you will get the spiral pattern that you are after.


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